Financial Information

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The registration fee for all our programs is $250. This fee is due at the time of enrollment. All other fees and tuition will be charged to your account once your application is accepted and you have been registered for your class(es).

Certification exams are not covered by registration and tuition costs. It is your responsibility to register and pay for these exams directly through the CBSPD/PSI or NCCT.

Payments can be made through the student portal (Credit Card & eCheck) or in person by cashier’s check, money order, or credit & debit cards. Students that obtain loans are not eligible for tuition discounts.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

Payments can be made in-person, online via the Student Portal, or over the phone. Altamont Healthcare is a cash-free business.

Financial Aid Information

If you are in need of financial aid, we are partnered with Climb Credit to offer loans for our students. You can decide to pay loan payments while in school or you can defer them until 3 months after graduation. Click here to go to apply for a student loan.

The application alone is a soft credit pull that will not affect your credit score. Once you are formally enrolled, Altamont Healthcare will verify your loan and payments will either start immediately or 3 months after graduation, depending on the option you chose. If you are not approved for a loan, applying with a co-borrower with higher credit will boost your chances of approval.

Total loan terms range from 36 months (SPDT, SPDT+ERT,EKG) to 84 months (TS-C). Interest rates range from 7.99%-20.45%. Students that finance program costs with Option 4 payments are not eligible for discounts offered by Options 1 or 2.

Refund Policy

The registration fee of $250 required by all our programs is non-refundable once paid. Other parts of the enrollment fees such as Materials and Books are refundable until they have been ordered; these are non-refundable once they have been ordered. The Student Tuition Recovery Fund is a mandatory fee collected as per state regulations and is non-refundable.

Tuition is refundable and the refund amount will be adjusted based on the amount of class time that has occurred prior to the notice of cancellation. Students have a right to cancel, meaning they may cancel their enrollment with no penalty to their tuition amount either within 7 days of enrollment or until the class start date, whichever is later. The right to cancel does not apply to enrollment fees.

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School Values


Our programs build your knowledge from the ground up. We give you the building blocks to prepare you for the rigor of the healthcare industry.


Our teaching staff are professionals with years of experience. They will guide you towards peak performance and success in your new career.


We are dedicated to bolstering trade jobs and increasing the number of healthcare workers in our area.


Everyone should have the opportunity to work in healthcare regardless of time constraints or income.