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Be a Certified Sterile Processing Technician in as little as 5 weeks!
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Interested in Electrocardiography?

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Become an Electrocardiogram Tech in only 9 weeks!
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Fast & Affordable Healthcare Certification Courses

Altamont Healthcare is the number one source for quick healthcare certification programs. We offer affordable tuition for sterile tech certification and help you start a career in the medical field as a certified sterile processing technician.

Sterile Processing Tech Certification & EKG Technician Certification

Our goal is to help students fulfill their dreams of starting a career in the healthcare industry with courses designed for convenience and taught by highly qualified educators. We offer sterilization technician training where students become a successful certified sterile processing technician. We also offer an EKG technician program which gives our students another opportunity in the healthcare field. The sterile processing certification course and EKG technician program give you the skills to start in the medical field. Our experienced staff provides quality education in fast healthcare career courses.

Fast & Affordable SPDT and EKG Technician Certification

You can begin a new career in healthcare in as little as five weeks. We offer courses for sterile processing tech certification and EKG technician certification with no previous experience needed. Our sterile technician training only takes five weeks. Sterilization and EKG technicians both serve vital roles in the medical community. Our courses help you advance your career, secure job stability, earn more money, and obtain excellent benefits.


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