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Endoscope Reprocessing Technician Certification

EndoscopeThis course can be taken as a stand-alone course for Sterile Processing Techs that want another certification under their belt or as an add-on to our SPD Tech certification program. Taking this course will add relevant skills to your repertoire, lengthen your resume, and increase your earning potential.

What is an Endoscope Reprocessing Technician?

Endoscope reprocessing technicians sterilize, care for, and maintain different types of endoscopes. They are typically Sterile Processing Technicians that have been specially trained to handle endoscopes. This additional training is necessary as endoscopes have many openings, channels, and components not usually found on more simple medical instruments like scissors and retractors.

An endoscope reprocessing technician manually cleans, disinfects, and stores these endoscopic instruments within the standards and protocols set by the manufacturer and the healthcare facility.

Are ERTs in demand?

The demand for Endoscope Reprocessing Technicians is growing with the demand for minimally invasive procedures like hysteroscopies, colonoscopies, and bronchoscopies. Computer-assisted surgeries that use scopes are also growing in popularity and with this growth comes the need for more people to sterilize and maintain those scopes.