A Day in the Life of an ERT

A Day in the Life of an ERT

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A Day in the Life of an ERT

The sound of the phone ringing  —, staff in scrubs crisscrossing the hallway, and the smell of disinfectant mingling with the freshly brewed coffee are a welcome symphony of senses to our Endoscope Reprocessing Technician (ERT) as she sets her foot inside her workplace and checks her schedule for the day.

Our ERT starts her workday by putting on her uniform and personal protective equipment (PPE). She is fully aware that following the dress code and the proper use of PPE ensures both her own safety and the safety of her fellow coworkers.

Now that she’s ready for the day, our ERT prepares the room, setting up the equipment for a routine endoscopic procedure. She inspects the endoscope and related accessories then tests them to make sure they are functioning properly. The ERT knows the risks associated with inadequately reprocessed endoscopes and how they can spark a chain of infection. Defective and poorly assembled equipment and supplies can cause disruptions and substandard delivery of health care services. Patient safety is her top priority.

After the procedure, she prepares the equipment and used instruments for cleaning and sterilizing while keeping the room clean and sterile for the next patient.

While in the designated reprocessing area, the ERT does the following essential steps:

1. Preclean the endoscope and its reusable accessories

2. Test leaks on the surface and internal channel of the endoscope

3. Clean manually and meticulously the endoscope and its parts

4. Inspect visually the endoscope after manual cleaning

5. Perform high-level disinfection or sterilization

6. Dry and store endoscope and accessories

7. Provide feedback and document the entire process for quality assurance purposes

As the ERT doffs (takes off) her PPE and ends her workday, she goes home with the thought that her proper endoscope reprocessing technique is highly critical to the patient’s safety and recovery. At the end of her day, our ERT feels confident she is safeguarding the integrity of the medical reprocessing field by following established policies, processes, and procedures.

If you’d like to learn more about careers in healthcare and course offerings, contact Altamont Healthcare in Stockton and Bakersfield, CA. 

We offer certification programs in CPR and Basic Life Support, Electrocardiogram Technology (EKG), Endoscopy Reprocessing Technician (ERT), Sterile Processing and Distribution (SPD), and Surgical Technology. 

Call us at (209) 817-8035 (Stockton) or (661) 230-6316 (Bakersfield) to ask about our programs. Tuition discounts are available for certain payment options. Customized payment schedules are available upon request.

Altamont Healthcare’s SPD + ERT Promotion

Starting Fall 2021, we’ll waive your ERT Registration fee when you co-enroll in SPD. Combined with our Option 1 discount, you could save up to $545.00 while boosting your earning potential and making yourself more attractive to employers.

The ERT certification in addition to our SPD program gives you a head start in the field. SPD Techs that earn ERT certifications open themselves to greater job opportunities, stand out to employers during the hiring process, and can negotiate better salaries than SPD Techs without it.

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